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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Finally, i have my own blog spot in the web! i have been staying in the kingdom for 12 years, it may seem difficult to others as the cultural orientation here is totally different from what we have in the Philippines.. even the foods too. Yes, foods!
When i started working here, i have learned to love KABSAH, an authentic Arabic dish primarily composed of flavored rice and chicken. On my next blog, i will try to do my own version of this hearty dish that is somewhat similar to Paella or Arroz Valenciana. Of course, a lot of spices and herbs are in it. Ill tell you about that, folks.. Just give me time. :-)

Okay, since its my first time to blog, let me introduce my own version of BEEF and Tofu saute in olive oil with a dash of soy sauce and fresh tomatoes.. Some like it with salted black beans (which i usually do) but unfortunately, i do not have it now and i don't even wanna go outside to buy it. It's cold outside!

It's my flatmate's birthday tonight, di nya sinabi kaya wala siyang handa.. hehehe. Instead of preparing Pansit and Lumpiang Shanghai, which will surely eat my time, I opted to prepare this yummy dish which he will surely love! i'll post some photos later and let's see what they can say.. hehehe!

On my next blog, i will try to include the complete recipe if you want to prepare it for your loved ones.

Hanggang sa muli, Bon Appetit!


DonPepe1972 said...

Congratulations for your new blog, (a la 'Julia & Julie'). I wanna officially welcome you to the blogging world. I'll be expecting more recipes from you. Good luck!


Ya! hahaha.. ala Meryl Streep ba? an authentic "sopa de ajo" for tomorrow... will look for that chorizo in Batha after work. :-)

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